Καρόλου 5,
Πάτρα - Τ.Κ. 26023

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Banco Cafe- Restaurant





“B yourself”! With this motto opened its doors long ago, the “Βanco” in Patras A very nice café and restaurant is characterized by the hospitality and sophisticated his style.Although located just outside the city center of Patras, is able to offer a quiet and very different corner for relaxation in one of the strongest points of concentration of the city’s students … “neighbor TEI”! Large main compartment that is fully developed and became fully operational. The Banco has a very personal identity. With a lot of color but not those cool red and “uncomfortable” yellow encountered elsewhere creates a feeling of an endless impressive space. A feelgood café that besides coffee has a huge variety of hot and cold dishes to enjoy them all day. Sundays stands and serves delicious breakfast and is an ideal place for business meetings or parties. Symmetric structures for Regeneration plants with special lighting creates a sense of a square with a highly HAPPY impressive environment for their patrons. materials such as: wood, forged cement, tiles type retro, marble, cement, earthy pastel shades, they give a vintage mood in a very modern space.